Benefits of ceramics:-

Tornado flush:-

Tornado Flush is an integral feature in every new model of bell toilets. This new system completlety clean & flush both rim and bowl in an innovative way. Instead of letting water pour down from the rim as in a traditional flush, the tornado flush projects three powerful jets of water from inside the bowl.

This motion creates a whirlpool effects that cleans the entire surface. As well as cleaning for more throughl than any other flush system, it is quiet and water-efficient.


    • Almost silent
    • Effectively cleans the entire toilet bowl
    • Reduce waste consumption
    • Minimize the amount of toilet cleaner needed


Rimless design:-

Bell rimless design bowl helps to ensure that dirt and bacteria aren’t able to collect in the first place. It also facilitate cleaning by ensuring that all area of the bowl are easily accessible and minimizes the need for toilet cleaner – making cleaner easier for you and kinder to the environment.


    • Easier to clean.
    • Minimize the need of toilet cleaner


Superonic glazed:-

Superonic is a glazed applied to all bell ceramics products, leaving them with a long lasting finish that prevents the build of mould, dirt, and waste matter.

Under a microscope they look like mountain ranges, no matter how much you clean – bacteria will assemble to ridges and burst. With supersonic we are able to ensure perfect smooth surface to which very little dirt can stick.


    • Easy to clean
    • Dirt – resistance
    • Minimize the need of toilet cleaner


Dazzling white:-

Crystal clear white glazed which gives 100% opaque by pleasing feel with its purity.


    • Ice white glazed –no micron
    • Easy to clean

Benefits of seat cover:-

  • Anti Bacterial:- Seat & cover treated with special antibacterial substance to prevent bacteria build-up.
  • UF seat cover:- By using quality urea formaldehyde resin, Bell presents a cover with a longer life span than its plastic counterparts. The gloss & colour of the seat & cover is maintained.
  • Easy to installation:- The WC seat & cover can be easily removed to clean the Vitreous China surface & then put back into place.
  • Soft closing:- The WC lid with soft-close system avoids shocks & breakages.
    Benefits of Vanity Cabinet –
  • Push to open:- Gently pressing the center of the drawer or door facilitates the opening & closing process.
  • Soft close (doors & drawers):- Thanks to this slow-closing system; doors & drawers will close softly & slowly, for extended product durability.
  • Height-adjustable shelves:- Adjustable internal shelves adaptable at different heights to avoid any space limitations.
  • Demister foil:- The mirror incorporates a demister foil as a standard element, avoids the mirror steaming up reduces the need for cleaning & protects against corrosion.
  • Assembly kit included:- It includes all the necessary materials for adhesive assembly or assembly using screws.
  • Long-lasting shiny chrome:- Guarantees long-lasting easy-to-clean chrome plating.

Benefits of concealed cistern:-

  • Easy installation:- Easy bracket assembly & reliable fixation.
  • Water saving:- Adjustable flush 6/3 ltrs & 4.5/3 ltrs.
  • Quality & warranty:- Warranty 7 years on tank & 2 years on flushing mechanism.
  • Compression resistance:- With its unique quality of compression resistance, it can bear extreme temperature conditions, making the tank very durable.
  • Noiseless:- Noiseless operation for a more peaceful bathroom experience.
  • Ultra slim tank:- 80 mm slim concealed cistern with thermocol protection.
  • Stable performance:- Alpha – Aqua flush volume will be stable in different toilets.
  • Leak proof body:- Superior builds tank quality.

Benefits of kitchen sinks:-

  1. Quartz Series:-
    • Scratch-proof (Resistance)
    • Heat Resistance
    • Antibacterial Resistance
    • Easy clean
    • Stain free
    • Noise less
    • Hygienic
    • Long Lasting Quality
  2. Handarbeit Series:-
    • SUS 304 Food Grade – SS Plate – Healthy Environmental Protection
    • Thick Stainless steel sheet
    • R10 Round corner, Increase the design of space
    • X Diversion design
    • Digital production & handmade
    • Top prevent overflow
  3. Classic Series:-
    • 304 Grade
    • AISI 304 Stainless steel
    • Sink with Imported basket drainer (Stainless steel)
    • Antibacterial Ceramic Coating
    • Straight Bowl
    • Sound Proof Technology