Our Philsophy

At Bell Sanitarywares, we have only one inspiration – you. We are driven by the zeal to make your home beautiful, elegant and stylish. Moulding clay into exclusive, sophisticated bathroom fixtures is not just our business, it is our passion. We strive to turn everyday objects into works of art.

We invest our time, energies and resources into bringing you a range of elegant and innovative designs that keep pace with latest trends and that too with ultimate comfort.

So here's our new and refreshed collection. We hope you will love browsing our new catalogue.

Bell Believes


BELL Sanitarywares brings you the top-notch products, which set the standards and defines a style with its unique design and impeccable quality. Our aim is to improve the quality of life, providing comfort and wellbeing.


BELL Sanitarywares boasts complete manufacturing facilities capable of ensuring a magnificent finish for all our products. Trained manpower and use of latest technology differentiates our products from the league. We are working on continuous improvement in the quality of production processes.


Bell Sanitarywares offers a broad range of products from single pc, imported ones, art basins and much more to give a new style statement to your bath decor.


There are some very good reasons why you can put your unquestioning faith in BELL Sanitarywares. And we can afford to state them simply. Because, you see, facts always speak for themselves…!

  • We have 40 years of valuable experience in this industry.
  • We are the first and only Indian company to be approved by international SIRIM quality standards.
  • We have a technical tie-up with the esteemed Ascot-Potex company of Singapore. We are an ISI-approved brand.
  • We have received ISO 9001-2000 quality certification.

  • Sirim
  • iso
  • Potex Audit


Quality has been the first and foremost part of our approach towards customer. From Design to Production, we make sure that the product you bring home is Stylish, Quality Approved & above all Affordable.

For this ability and quality we have been awarded the most coveted "UDHYOG BHARATI AWARD" & "NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD" by the INDIAN ACHIEVERS FORUM at New Delhi.

Awards are always meant to bring in accolades but it also gives you immense energy to sustain at a particular level.

Our Innovations


    BELL Sanitarywares 6/3 litre water saving flush system provides increased water savings in closets.


    BELL Sanitarywares have developed an innovative technology, which cuts out the sound of falling toilet seat, with its slow reclining action.


    BELL Sanitarywares brings you a revolutionary range of water saving systems with saves almost 60% of water on every usage. After all it's our duty to protect our natural resources.


    BELL Sanitarywares have researched and developed an effective coating, which does not allow the water to stay on the surface after the use thus enabling an water repellent product.